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My mentor

1. Our secret affair
Was suddenly opened...
Such sad eyes can’t betray:
And in love I have fallen!
I have never believed in and waited
Your courtesies
I’ve been measuring stairs...
The day as the date it is!

White flower of the moon...

1. Night... Who have painted all the walls
With the shadows of the lace?!
Who've invented all my words
And fancy feelings?!
Rain... All your sights, your stepts, your breath
Playing such a game of chess,
Leaving all your gests of grace
Inside my being!


1. The world with the taste of caramell
Has circled as a merry-go-round...
There are yummy milk-shakes in the bars!
Multicolored hotels,
Hieroglyphs in the body...


1. I travelled through the seas
And all around the foreign soil,
I'm not a pirat, though
I have romantic soul...
I love to fight with storms
And when the wind is blowing
Tne magic comes along
And that is not my fault!

I spread my wings and fly
Beneath the rainbow in the sky!
The waves above the reafs
Are hiding secret shine...
And when you want to cry,
The grace of heaven can't denile
Your prayer, so you have to cross the line!

Model design: Art-Motor

Creation: Alexander Klabukov

©2005-2022 Ekaterina Yakovleva