Personal details

1. Name and Surname
Ekaterina Yàkovleva
2. Pseudonym, Trade Mark
3. Date of birth
8-th of may
4. Zodiac
5. Eye-color
6. Hair-color
7. Height
164 cm.
8. Weight
46 kg.
9. Discography
2005 - Album-debut «Sea wind» (style: art song, language: russian)
2013 – Manga-pop album «My mentor»
10. Music Awards
2006 – Laureate and prize winner of festival of art songs in Pereslavl; nomination «For being original».
2007 – Winner of «InterStar» Music Awards, nomination «Dance-music. Pop». Award a crystal figurine and diploma for the 1-st place.
2008 – Laureate of International Vocal Music Awards «Permit to stars», award a laureate diploma and a prize-cup «golden microphone».
2009 - September's "Realmusic" sms-chart prizewinner. Awarded by the first-pale dyploma.
2011 - Laureate of international poetic competition "Golden Strophe ("Philosophical Lyrics"nomination).
11. Interests and hobbies
Singing, composing songs, prose and poems, playing guitar, painting funny pictures on glass and textile, cycling and roller-skating, riding house and spiritual practicing...
12. She loves
Creativity en every guise, traveling, animals, nature, colorful, yummy and cute things...
13. She doesn’t love
Hypocrisy, sanctimony and intolerance, currency of life values and individuality, rudeness and aspiration to dominate.
14. Talisman
The Unicorn
15. Favorite mode of dress
Lolita, kawaii, retro and vintage
16. Music preferences
French-pop, J-pop, J-rock
17. Motto
All dreams exist for coming true!

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Creation: Alexander Klabukov

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