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Katrin is a winner of different Russian and international competitions, russian pop singer and an author of all her songs, a leader and a headliner of a new musical "manga-pop" genre. She started her way to show business on her own without any producer support and has already achieved notable success.

The first album of the singer "Sea Breeze" was recorded at the "Gorky studio" in Moscow. It includes early, slightly naive compositions very similar to the sound-tracks for children's movies. However, this did not prevent the young talent from playing her first "solo" in the legendary singer-cafe "Gnezdo Gluharya," from getting a "Person of natural gifts" title from the masters of the art song at the famous festival in Pereslavl, and from winning the listeners' hearts with her sweet, soulful voice.

In 2007, Katrin records a trial song in dance-music genre called "Wind of Paris", and almost immediately takes the lead in the contest "Interzvezda", which took place in the framework of the Russian national prize "Interslava". The song won the first place, and Katrin was awarded with diploma, crystal statuette, and honorary awards.

In 2008, Katrin again tries her hand – this time in the international vocalist contest "Way to the stars" and becomes the winner and the owner of the "Golden Microphone" cup.

In 2009, there begins a work on the album "My mentor" in the "manga-pop" genre, written by the singer herself. A new musical genre was born out of Katrin's interest to the Japanese popular music in general and animanga in particular in order to create something similar to a cheerful and rhythmic J-pop, but fundamentally new and clear to the Russian audience. Work on the disc was held at one of the best recording studios in Moscow. The first Katrin's hits are heard on the radio, and anime music video that tells about the forbidden love between two senior high school girl-students in the spirit of "t.A.t.U." group, has caused a great response in the Russian Internet.

In February 2010, Katrin became a headliner of a manga-party organized with the support of the "Rumanga" magazine and "Formula Kino". The signer performed the hits that have already caught the fancy of the audience, and new songs.

Since the beginning of 2011 Katrin takes part in radio and TV programs, records new hits, and also writes a fantasy tale "Lydia. The Mysterious World", published by creative publishing house "Komilfo". Later Katrin takes part in the international poetic competition named "Golden Strophe" and becomes a laureate in nomination of "Philosophical Lyrics".

The poems of Katrin form part of the annual almanac -"Golden Strophe".

In 2012 Katrin starts learning Japanese both in her native country and Japan. As the result a new song in Japanese has been composed in cooperation with Kanako Iwamoto.

In January 2013 the album "My mentor" was released.

The CD includes songs in Russian, English and Japanese, which are addressed to the fans of Japanese popular music, as well as to a general international audience.

In September 2013 Katrin entered the Moscow State University majoring in arts (theatre).

In April 2014 Katrin participated in the festival of japanese culture «Hinode» on the same stage with the well-known Russian-Japanese singer Origa in the «Rock-House» club.

In june 2015 Katrin films with "ARTika Studio" a short music video named "Wizard", themed on her poem's plot.

In april 2015 Katrin participates in the annual japanese festival "Hinode" as a model, demonstrating kimono of japanese bride.

In may 2015 appears a new book of poems by Katrin (publishing house "Komilfo").

In 2016 Katrin presents to her audience three new instrumental tracks: "Draw my inspiration", "Tell me", "Eternal love", created with George Catcher (Fly Dream), known with arrangements for Lena Katina and "t.A.T.u."

In 2017, Katrin releases the single called "Déjà Vu" in the genre of pop rock. Alexander Korpusov was invited as an arranger, known for his participation in the Russian staging of the "We will rock you" musical after the motives of "Queen".

In 2018, Katrin records a new single called "Gangster", which, on the one hand, continues the tradition of manga-pop music, and on the other hand, brings to the text, sound and cover design a new taste of theatricality and banter.

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